Barmudas were born in Florence in 2017 from the meeting of 4 guys with differents musical and geographical backgrounds who found themselves

sharing the same common punk rock roots and the same love and addiction for the glam rock of the seventies. They also share many years of live experience,

having played almost everywhere, in big festivals and huge stages as well as little pubs or dirty streets. Tripping high and low across Italy and abroad, in a

long list of mostly unknown bands (Malasuerte, The Dirtiest, The Fossils, The

Nackers, Thee Incredible Livers, The Asteroids, Ematoma, The Snatchers). Nonetheless each one of those formations played an important role in turning

the Barmudas’ boys into the rock n roll machines they are today.

The 15th of october 2018 AREA PIRATA records release their first single:

“Rock the Barmudas” available on vinyl 7” and digital download.


Smendock : Microphone screamer and Zombie Teacher

Luca D- Cash : Bass howler and Digital Outlaw

King-Dom : Guitar griller and Zombie Teacher

Zak : Skins beater , Roadrunner and Taxi Driver